Blue Mind - Health Benefits of the Sea

Published on 2020-03-16 / By Tom Hall

As a species, we are fascinated by the sea. For thousands of years we have sailed on it, carved visions of it into wood and stone, painted it, belted shanties about it, written about it, and plunged into it on hot summer’s days. It is both a hostile wilderness, prone to swallowing those that venture into its uncharted limits, and a place for self-reflection. 

Water is the Liquid of Life

Of all the chemicals on Earth, water is by far the most important. Every living organism needs it in some way. The first inklings of life started in water, cells swirling, replicating, and joining— becoming ever more complex over millions of years—until, how do you do. The Earth’s surface is 71% water. Our brains and hearts are 73% water. 

We have a deep, primal connection with it, and although we can’t drink it, we love nothing more than relaxing by the sea. We make a pilgrimage to the beach when the first heat wave of the year hits, without fail. If we’re stressed, after visiting the coast, we feel zen. 

The sea does wonders for our health and wellbeing. Those living near the coast experience greater levels of happiness for starters. Want to know what being near the sea can do for you? 

Reduces Stress & Relaxes You

Blue mind is a term used to describe the psychological impact of being near or in the sea. It’s the opposite of what is being described as “red mind”, or an anxious, hyper connected, stressed-out, over stimulated mental state. Simply, blue mind is a calm, meditative state and the antidote to our hectic modern lives, defined by red mind.

What makes the sea mesmerising is its double nature, it is a constant, whilst at the same time ever changing. It offers us a sense of security, and something eternally interesting to look at. Like watching flames flicker in a bonfire, gazing at the sea puts us into a transcendental state—it empties our minds. 

When our minds are no longer so busy, we feel less stressed. It’s a natural response. It’s also thought that the gentle roar of the waves is instinctually non-threatening. Your DNA is telling you, you’re in a safe place. The sea is a creator of negative ions, which we breathe in. It’s thought these could have an antimicrobial effect, boost our moods, and influence our serotonin levels.  

Improves Your Sleep

Ever caught the yawns after a day at the seaside? This is because sea air is fresh, clean, and has a high oxygen content. Coupled with exercise and the lulling sound of the ocean, and you’re likely to sleep soundly after time spent by the sea. 

Even if you haven’t been near the coast, thinking of the sea whilst trying to drift off may help. Our brains are wired to associate it with rest.  

Boosts Your Skin Health 

It’s not recommended for open wounds, but for light cases of dermatitis a dip in the ocean could be what the doctor ordered. Seawater is unlike other water. It is rich in minerals, including sodium, chloride, sulphate, magnesium, and calcium. 

Immersing yourself in it is a form of pure balneotherapy, a minerally charged bathing ritual common in many modern and ancient cultures around the world.  Taking a dip in the sea and exposing your skin to the sun afterwards helps it heal, clear, and stay healthy. 

Strengthens Your Immune System

Our modern existence has a distinct lack of “the wild struggle”. This is the primal battle, fought by our ancestors, against the elements.  Many of us spend most of our time inside, in synthetic environments that, like the fabled bowl of porridge, are neither too hot nor too cold. We exist in perpetual bio-equilibrium. 

This mild existence weakens our bodies and immune systems. We’re lightning rods for illness.  Regularly swimming in cold water takes you out of your comfort zone and forces your body to put in some hard work. The now globally popular Wim Hof Method involves exposing your body to the cold in order to stimulate your auto immune system (something previously thought impossible). 

The cold causes your lymphatic vessels to contract, which flushes waste from your system, whilst at the same time triggering your white blood vessels to attack unwanted bacteria. In fact, the benefits of cold therapy are too long to list, and range from weight loss to improved mental health. 

Take Your Relaxation to Another Level 

At Lincombe Hall we’re walking distance from some beautiful coastline. We’re a perfect place to stay to explore the hidden bays, coves, and beaches of South Devon. Here you can truly get your fill of fresh sea air and coastal calm. 

But perhaps this isn’t enough. Imagine a refreshing walk on the beach, followed by a blissful deep tissue massage? Or after a hot afternoon sunbathing a quick cool off in our ice room? At Lincombe Hall, between the sea and our new £2 Million spa you’ll find complete wellness. 








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