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Things to do in Torquay

There are 22 miles of coastline, cliffs, coves, and beaches and walks to rival any in the South West of England, with a climate that belongs somewhere much further south. There are opportunities for surfing, safe swimming, diving, sailing, angling, and wonderful opportunities to study the natural wildlife at your leisure. Lincombe is truly a fantastic hotel in Torquay to indulge and explore from!


Torre Abbey Sands

This is Torquay’s main beach, right on the seafront. It’s the heart of the English Riviera. This pure sand beach is popular for many reasons; the main one being it’s actually in Torquay. A 15-19 minute walk along Torbay Habour or just a 5 minute drive. 

Oddicombe website

Oddicombe Beach

Oddicombe Beach located just below the beautiful Babbacombe Downs. Accessible via a steep, winding road or you could take the fascinating Babbabacombe Cliff Railway. Just a short 9 minute drive away from Lincombe Hall.

Meadfoot website

Meadfoot Beach

Meadfoot Beach really will take your breath away. With just a quick 10 minute walk, it makes it the closest beach to Lincombe Hall. If you wonder down for low tide, you'll be sure to find some great rock pools exposed during low tide.

Anstey website

Anstey’s Cove

Tucked away between Babbacombe and Torquay you'll find Anstey's Cove. Just a 6-minute drive away. 


Walk to Thatcher's Point

Looking to make the most of the fresh Devonshire air during your stay? Set aside some time for a relaxing walk to Thatcher's Point. This stunning location is just a 30 minute walk from the hotel. Stroll past Meadfoot beach along the way and take in the views (P.S the views only get better once you reach Thatcher's Point). 

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