15m Lap Pool

Our 15m lap pool is a great way to get a relaxing full body workout. Two things that don’t often go together. Floating helps ease muscle tension and the water regulates your temperature—so it doesn’t feel like you’re burning calories. 


13m Hydro Pool

Our 13m hydro pool has 10 different stations, each with air jets—including volcanoes. The 34°C water and pressurised bubbles are therapeutic and perfect for easing your muscles. Afterwards you’ll be filled with endorphins and stress free. 


Scandinavian Sauna

The health benefits of saunas are varied, from easing stress and flushing out toxins to improving respiratory issues. A session in our sauna is perfect after a workout in our gym. 


Aromatherapy Steam Room

The essences we use in our steam room are coconut, orange blossom, eucalyptus, and vanilla. Aromatherapy, first pioneered by the ancient Egyptians, is a way of stimulating your limbic system, where smell and memory combine. It calms you, destresses you, relaxes your muscles, and lifts your mood. 


Himalayan Salt Room

Ever felt sleepy after a trip to the beach? It’s the salty air. Halotherapy is the inhalation of microscopic salt particles, easing your respiration, clearing your sinuses, and clearing your mind. If you suffer from allergies or hay fever this is a brilliant way to give yourself relief. 

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Ice Room

You’ll find nothing else like this in Torquay. Our ice room is a next level spa experience based on cold therapy, with an ice fountain and beautiful backlit ice wall. The benefits of cold therapy are numerous, from weight loss to improved circulation and overall health. Do you have the courage to give it a go? 


Fully Equipped Gym

Our gym is the ideal place for your workout—with a range of fitness equipment for toning, resistance training, and cardio.  


Bucket Showers

The bucket shower, also known as the contrast shower is an age-old Tyrolean tradition with many health benefits and is considered an effective hydrotherapy treatment.

Traditionally in Nordic countries the best time for taking a bucket shower is immediately after a sauna, because the body is overheated so gets the greatest benefit from the thermal shock.

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