Hydrotherapy’s Health Benefits Will Make You Feel Fantastic

Published on 2020-01-03 / By Tom Hall

Water is the blood of life. It is the substrate from which we evolved and in which the biochemical processes vital to our existence fizzle away. Nothing could be more precious. 

Spas are not spas without water. In fact, the definition of a spa is “a location where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes seawater) is used to give medicinal baths.” In all cultures water is regarded as a purifier of the body and mind. It cleanses skin and soul. It rinses away old ways of being and presents the world anew. 

The Magic of Water

Throughout history we have gravitated to water for our wellness. The Victorians for example, may have taken minerally charged dips to improve a flimsy constitution. Or to banish whimsies of the mind. Whilst the ancient Greeks and Romans slipped into a hot spring to help cure illness, but they knew not how water worked it’s magic. 

We have also infused water with mystical properties, telling tales of wellsprings granting eternal life and all manner of existential gifts. Suffice to say, water is and always will be important to us. 

Modern science has plunged in, demystifying water’s remarkable health benefits. Yes, drinking it keeps us alive but even being submerged in it does wonders. 

What is Hydrotherapy? 

It’s more than just swimming, although swimming is brilliant exercise. Hydrotherapy is a whole-body therapeutic treatment, with numerous health benefits. 

There are two types of hydrotherapy. The first type is that which a GP may prescribe for muscular injuries, to take place at a health centre. This is essentially physiotherapy with the assistance of water. The second is self-guided—simply hop into a hydrotherapy pool like ours at Lincombe Hall. 

This is no ordinary pool. Much like a giant hot tub, our hydropool has therapeutic water jets. 

Hydropool Physiological Effects 

The warmth of water causes your surface blood vessels to dilate, improving your circulation. This increased flow of white blood cells in turn allows lymph fluid to travel around your body more easily. Lymph fluid is an immune liquid that extracts waste, boosting your immune system. 

The weightlessness of floating, combined with the massaging effects of the jets relaxes your muscles and melts away any tension. It’s amazing the work our muscles put in on dry land, even to keep us standing. 

Also, the currents created by the water jets create a muscular resistance and a de-stabilising environment which helps you increase your strength and balance. 

Furthermore, the feeling of being in a hydrotherapy pool is of course very pleasurable, and so releases endorphins. These are nature’s answer to antidepressants and make us feel blissed out.  The result is climbing out of the pool barely remembering the meaning of stress. 

The Hydropool at Lincombe Hall Hotel & Spa

At Lincombe we have a 13m long hydropool with 10 different stations to relax at, each with air jets—including volcanoes. 

Come and float away, body and mind, at Lincombe Hall. And perhaps after your leisurely swim in our hydropool, you could keep the relaxation going with a spa treatment or two? 

We have a luxurious range of spa treatments for your whole body—all carefully created with your wellness in mind—using active botanicals and professional techniques. 

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