Last-Minute Gifts for Christmas: a Temple Spa Gift Guide

Published on 2022-12-18 / By Oliver Pyper

Looking for last-minute gifts, are you? Chances are, you've spent December second-guessing what to buy for a hard-to-please pal or finicky family member.

What do you get the person who has everything? Or – worse – the person who says they don't want anything?

Our advice: spa gifts. Creams, oils, soaps and smellies. The sort of self-pampering stuff they'd never think to buy for themselves.

And you can't buy much better than Temple Spa. This long-running beauty brand has won a slew of awards for its cruelty-free, Mediterranean-influenced skincare range.

You won't find Temple Spa in your average high-street shop. But for those in the know, its creams are the cream of the crop. Perhaps that's why Temple Spa products are stocked in some of the most celebrated spas in the UK – including here at Lincombe Hall.

They could be young or young at heart. They could be fabulously feminine, blokey to the core or a fluctuation of the two. Slip one of these skincare products into their stocking, and you’ll be at the top of their Christmas card list next year.


For luxury lovers: Trufflesque Luxury Anti-Ageing & Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Trufflesque is one of Temple Spa's most popular skincare products – and for good reason. It feels amazing, smells great and looks like it's made of pure gold.

It's not all show, though. Beneath Trufflesque's glimmering golden surface is a roll call of powerful natural ingredients that would make a herbalist hysterical.

There are antioxidant black truffles, which help to brighten the skin. There's champagne extract to rejuvenate and exfoliate. And there are even teensy pieces of quartz, diamond and sapphire for extra sparkle. Plush? Not half.

If your friend loves a bit of luxury, make sure Trufflesque is on your last-minute gift list. They won't be disappointed.


For city slickers: Life Defence SPF 30 Moisturiser

Life Defence's headline feature is its UV-blocking, ultra-hydrating formula. But it has another trick up its sleeve that makes it ideal for busy city folk – or for anyone who spends hours behind a screen or on the move.

See, Life Defence has blue light protection built-in. This provides extra protection against the skin-troubling stresses of modern life. We're talking heating, air conditioning, pollution and – yes – computer monitors.

And – like all Temple Spa products – it has a sublime texture. Apply this lightweight lifesaver before a long day at work, and you'll feel like you're wearing a shield forged from liquid silk.

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For groomy guys: Truffle Noir 24-Hour Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

Guys need TLC too. You know it, we know it and Temple Spa knows it. That might just be why it launched Truffle Noir – a matte-finish variant of its bestselling Skin Truffle moisturiser.

Now, Truffle Noir isn't just for guys – it suits anyone with a sometimes-oily complexion. But because it lacks Skin Truffle's signature sparkle, it's ideal for men who want their skin to look effortlessly, naturally hydrated.

And it's full of the good stuff. As well as natural ingredients like platinum, silk and black truffles, this lush formulation includes special Deepsane™ and Moist-24™ complexes. These help to repair damaged skin, treat razor burns and lock in moisture.

It's especially effective at night, we're told.

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For vegans: In The Beginning Deep Pore & Exfoliating Cleanser

Finding last-minute gifts is difficult. Finding last-minute gifts that are vegan-friendly can feel nigh-on impossible.

Trust Temple Spa to have the answers. Its catalogue includes a host of products that eschew animal products altogether – including our favourite, In The Beginning.

In The Beginning is a powerful facial cleanser with a lovely, buttery texture. Its packaging hails it as a 'deep cleansing melt', and we think this is bang on. The formula seems to melt into pores, leaving skin feeling fresh, exfoliated and deeply nourished.

Everyone who tries it falls in love. Vegans especially.

(Oh, and for the record, all Temple Spa products are vegetarian and cruelty-free. That's a bonus.)

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For the indecisive: a Temple Spa gift set

Why give one gift when you can give three? Or four? Or five?

Temple Spa gift sets offer an affordable way to sample the best of the brand's skincare range. Each includes a selection of carefully curated products, nestled in gorgeous packaging for maximum 'ooh' factor.

And each is designed to muster a certain mood, whether that's relaxation, rejuvenation or get-up-and-go.

Take the Do Not Disturb set, for instance. This combo is like a boxful of calm, with five formulations that are hand-picked to soothe the senses. It even comes with a 'do not disturb!' door hanger, so your pal can procrastinate in peace.

Fancy making their mornings? Treat them to the Spa Mini Break gift set, which comes with a shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and balm – everything they need to face the day head-on.

Can't decide? Plump for The Recharge Spa gift set – a choose-your-own-adventure of mood-boosting beauty essentials. With a zingy shower gel, soothing body lotion and more, they'll always have a product to suit the way they're feeling.


Out of time? Go for a spa gift voucher

Oh. Is it that late already? It's funny how Christmas creeps up on you like that.

Don't worry, though – it's not too late for a very last-minute gift. Our spa gift vouchers can be delivered instantly by email, so you can treat your pal or partner right up to Christmas Day (or – gulp – even Boxing Day).

Take a look at our range of vouchers here. There are all sorts of relaxing and energising treatments available, many of which use Temple Spa products.

Have they been working hard? Reward them with an intense full-body massage. They can choose from Temple Spa's Drift Away or Work It Out massage oils, which are packed with aromatherapy ingredients to help rejuvenate and relieve stress.

Or how about a him-or-her facial, which uses Temple's My Kinda Skin combo to cleanse, tone and protect the dermis? They can expect long-lasting radiance and a healthy, refreshed feel.

You could even give them the VIP treatment with a full spa day, complete with afternoon tea or a two-course meal. Go on – they deserve it.

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