The best 2023 spa trends

Published on 2023-01-16 / By Belinda Dixon

While life seems to get ever more stressful, our desire to soothe away the stress in a spa seems to grow.  And the types of sessions we indulge in continue to evolve. From technical treatments and age-old minerals to welcoming men to wellness and giving spa experiences as gifts, we’re always looking for the next big thing when it comes to the latest spa trends ( and our spa’s ever-increasing popularity may just show how well we do this).  

Read on for Lincombe Hall Hotel’s review of the best 2023 spa trends...

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Crystal healing massages

Demand for massages involving crystals and minerals has almost doubled in the last year, putting them high among the latest spa trends. The technique involves surrounding guests with crystals and minerals while they’re treated to a massage. As minerals are rich in healing properties, your body draws on their properties to maximise relaxation, healing and rebalancing.

Minerals feature in many of our treatments here at Lincombe Hall Hotel. Experiences such as the purification mud mask used in the hour-long Purification - Detox facial and the mud of the I’ll Be Back - Back Facial treatment. You’ll also find them in the warm mud used in the Glorious Mud – Skin Conditioning & Detoxifying treatment.

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Lymphatic drainage facials

Research shows online searches for lymphatic drainage facials have gone up by a massive 83% - securing the technique a spot high on the list of latest spa trends. Lymphatic drainage uses special massage techniques to stimulate the lymphatic system and rejuvenate listless, saggy skin. 

Treatments include those like Lincombe Hall’s Power Breakfast Special – Cleanse, Scrub & Mask. In this 30-minute treatment your skin is transformed by a deep power cleanse and nutritious clay mask plus a lymph and a wake-up scalp massage. 

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Lymphatic body-brushing techniques

If lymphatic drainage is high on the list of the latest spa trends for 2023, a companion technique is perennially popular too. Lymphatic brushing sees skilled practitioners sweep dry brushes over your body in specific patterns to best stimulate the lymphatic system just beneath your skin. It’s a powerful way to energise, invigorate and detoxify.

At Lincombe Hall, lymphatic body-brushing features in our 60-minute Glorious Mud – Skin Conditioning & Detoxifying treatment. It starts with lymphatic body-brushing and is followed by the application of warm vitamin- and mineral-rich mud. Finally, a face and scalp massage delivers a superb body detox and purification.

Or experience the firming, toning and tightening of Go Figure, a 60-minute body detox treatment which starts with lymphatic skin brushing techniques and is followed by a detox massage, a marine and earth mud wrap and a friction, anti-cellulite rub. 


Treatments for men

Making sure that men feel they’re welcome continues to gain ground among the latest spa trends. It’s partly about venues communicating that it’s not at all unusual for men to visit – and that they’ll be really welcome when they do. It’s also to do with emphasising that most treatments work as well for men as they do for women. 

But it’s also about acknowledging men – of course – might want some specific, different things. Which is why venues like Lincombe Hall make it clear on their website and social media exactly what they offer male guests. 

Lincombe’s For Him webpages feature everything from the hour-long Work It Out Massage – Detoxifying Muscle Workout and Rocks of The Mediterranean – Hot Stone Massage, to bespoke male treatments such as Go Guy - The Male Executive Facial, the Gentlemen’s Club Hand & Nail Care and Executive Footcare for Men.


Spa & dine

More and more people want to combine their spa experience with a fantastic meal, making a spa and dine combo another of the latest spa trends. It makes sense: a spa treatment combines wellness, relaxation and rejuvenation. Which is what an expertly-created dining experience does too.

The best way to combine the two is as part of a package. At their best, such as on Spa Days and Spa Breaks at Lincombe Hall, these also have the advantage of opening up the rest of the spa facilities, so you can work out, swim and relax in a sauna as well.

Choose anything from a Spa Day, with a delicious two-course Brasserie meal, to Spa Breaks lasting from one to three nights. During a Spa Day, you get to indulge in three-course, locally-sourced, seasonal meals at our acclaimed Dining Room – an AA Rosette and Taste of the West award-winning restaurant.

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Wellness trends to try at home

While nothing beats a spa treatment at the hands of experienced professionals, surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities, you can get a bit of spa day magic at home. Unless you have an expert masseuse to hand, its best to focus on relaxation, pampering and overall wellness. 

So opt for store-bought, or home made products. Things like rejuvenating body scrub to exfoliate dead cells, foot masks and softening hand treatments. You can also try home steam facials – fill a bowl with just-boiled water, add a few drops of essential oil, cover your head with a towel and inhale for a few minutes. 

Creating the right atmosphere also makes a huge difference. Soft music, candles and a steaming bath with a good dash of aromatherapy oils can be a blissful experience. Especially if you’ve managed to convey to the rest of the house that you’re not to be disturbed. 

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Gifting spa experiences as gifts 

But nothing quite beats a visit to a spa. The last five years or so have seen a steady growth in the desire to buy experiences, not things – especially as gifts. This means gifting a spa experience to someone you love is itself one of the latest spa trends. 

Spas are about taking care of the recipient and boosting their wellness, as well as indulging them and making them feel fabulous. So a spa visit is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or Christmas. 

You can include your loved one’s friends to make it an even more memorable experience. But the alternative is also a very appealing one – make it a gift for two people, and luxuriate in the experience yourself as well.

Find out how you can immerse yourself in the Lincombe Spa experience today.

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