What is a hydro pool?

Published on 2022-04-19 / By Alice Beresford

If you’re at the cutting edge of spa technology, a hydro pool is a must for any award-winning spa. Hydro pools proven benefits have encouraged the growing use of hydrotherapy, and now they’re a sought-after spa essential for spa goers.

But for those unfamiliar with the latest spa trends, you may be wondering what is a hydro pool? Are they like a regular pool? Similar to a jacuzzi? Well, they’re kind of a hybrid of both.

Below we’ll go through the history and benefits of a hydro pool, so after reading on, you’ll be more than ready to book your hydro pool experience.

So, what exactly is a hydro pool?

Spa Break in pool

What is a hydro pool?

Much like a jacuzzi, hydro pools are heated for guest's comfort. However, their temperatures fall lower than jacuzzies at approximately 15-40 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the pool will depend on the intended purpose.  

What is a hydro pool used for? Hydro pools that are used for exercise tend to rest at a lower temperature to not exhaust or overheat the user. On the other hand, pools for rehabilitation or joint relief will usually be warmer to help supple muscles. At Lincombe Hall, our hydro pool rests at a comfortable 34 degrees.

As well as a warmer temperature, hydro pools include water jets of various pressures and positions to provide relief across the body. Combining warm water with pressured jets, hydro pools encourage relaxation and the release of endorphins for a truly stress-busting experience. Are you still wondering, what is a hydro pool? Read on. 


Who are hydro pools for?

You, me, everyone! 

Hydro pools are the perfect relaxation and rehabilitation experience for anyone looking to improve their wellbeing. They can provide relief for all, from simple neck massages with pressurised bubbles to easing joint pains with high-pressure jets.   


A brief history of the hydro pool

To fully appreciate the benefits of hydro pools, it’s important to look at their history. Hydrotherapy dates back to Ancient Egypt and shows up throughout hisotry. In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates documented his early use of hydrotherapy and referred to the treatment as hydropathy. Water was used as a treatment for a range of diseases in Ancient Greece, a belief that the Romans carried on with their sacred communal baths. 

Hydrotherapy was first officially used as a medical tool by Vincent Priessnitz in 1829 and is still rising in popularity with both mental and physical wellbeing. What simply began as a method of relaxation to the ancient Egyptians, to a medial treatment to the Greeks, has now turned into a modern-day phenomenon. 

Throughout the years, the benefits of water and hydrotherapy have been questioned and re-evaluated. However, more research has foundthe results are clear, there are numerous physical and mental benefits to hydro pools! 

Hydro pools have long been used for rehabiliton,  but they’re growing in popular for low impact exercise and relaxation, which is why they’re so at home in luxury spas such as Lincombe Hall.


So what is a hydro pool and what are the benefits?

Now you know what a hydro pool is, we’ve got to the part you’ve all been waiting for, their benefits! You’ve probably picked up on a few key benefits already, but there are plenty more.

Alongside joint and muscle relief, relaxation, and accommodating exercise, hydro pools can also boost your immune system and cleanse your body. The benefits continue even after you leave the pool. The warm water and state of relaxation can boost your endorphin levels, which does wonders for your mental wellbeing. Joint pain also continues to reduce as you enjoy more sessions.

And hydrotherapy isn’t just for humans. The benefits are so good that there are even canine hydro pools available to help rehabilitate your furry friends in their old age or after surgery.  But just to clarify, our hydro pool at Lincombe Hall is strictly for humans only.



Lincombe Hall's hydro pool

We understand there are various benefits of hydro pools and numerous reasons why people use them. This is why at Lincombe Hall, we have ten jet stations in our 13m hydro pool, including volcano jets and pressurised bubbles to satisfy, relax and benefit every user.

Our 13m hydro pool is just one of the many wellbeing spa facilities we have at Lincombe Hall. When you book a spa day or break, you can benefit from all our spa facilities, including our hydro pool, indoor pool, Scandinavian sauna, aromatherapy steam room, ice room and more!

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