Why indulge in a sauna and steam room treat

Published on 2021-09-21 / By Belinda Dixon

There’s nothing quite like it – feeling the heat seep deep into your body. Sensing your muscles relax. Forerunners of saunas and steam rooms have helped people feel cleansed, energised and utterly unstressed for thousands of years. They’re well-being bringers. Real mood-boosters. And Lincombe Hall’s new £2M luxury facilities now mean Torbay has a top-notch spa in which to indulge, switch off, breathe deeply and unwind.


What's the difference between a sauna and a steam room? 

Both these hot properties bring fabulous results. But they’re very different things. Saunas see you relaxing in temperatures of around 80-100°C. Steam rooms are cooler – around 45°C. 

The big difference is the humidity. Saunas have very dry air, with relative humidity of around 10% to 20%. Steam rooms are all about moisture – their relatively humidity is around 100%.


Why does each make you feel so good?

In parts of Scandinavia a sauna is known as a “poor man’s pharmacy’ – the benefits are so well known. Saunas raise your skin temperature, increasing your pulse rate and getting your blood pumping. As a result, you can feel more alert and elated. Your muscles relax in the heat - noticeably in the shoulders, back, face and neck. 

Steam rooms, some say, boost circulation, help the sinuses and ease congestion. They can also reduce the amount of cortisol your body produces – that’s the hormone that regulates stress. 


How to have a great sauna & steam room experience

While full of relaxation and wellbeing benefits, there are a few things to bear in mind when using saunas and steam rooms. The expert staff at Lincombe Spa can guide you through the process. They’ll help you stay fully hydrated, advise how long to stay in for and discuss relevant steps for those with certain health conditions.

They’ll also explain Lincombe Spa’s state of the art Aromatherapy Steam Room. This uses natural essences, including orange blossom, eucalyptus, and vanilla, to stimulate your limbic system and tap into links between smell and memory. Prepare to be calmed and de-stressed, for your muscles to relax and your mood to lift.

Staff are full of top sauna and steam room tips, including

•   where to sit for the best temperature for you – higher is hotter

•   when to take a break – 10-15 minute bursts are ideal

•   what to do in that break – chill out in an ice room or get drenched under a bucket shower (Lincombe Spa has both, see below)

•   What to do at the end – a cool shower to close those pores 


Why our ice room will give you a buzz

In Finland they often roll around in the snow in breaks between sauna sessions. As snow is thin on the ground in Torbay, we’ve created an ice room so you can reap the benefits. They include an even greater sense of alertness, an adrenaline boost and perhaps even increased circulation and an easing of joint pain. Lincombe Spa’s ice room is based on cold therapy and has an ice fountain and beautiful backlit ice wall. Again, going from extreme hot to cold is not right for everybody – Lincombe’s expert staff will advise whether it’s suitable for you.


Why you'll love our bucket shower

If you’ve ever turned the shower from hot to icy cold, you’ll know that it really gives you a buzz. Now imagine getting out of a totally toasty sauna, then having a bucket of cold water poured over your head. Like the sauna-to-snow experience, the contrast provided by bucket showers makes you gasp and is good for you. Book a Lincombe Hall spa session and get ready to indulge.

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