Why you should indulge in an Autumn spa

Published on 2022-09-22 / By James Matthews

The changing of the seasons affects people in different ways. For some, the darker night's drawing in and the weather turning colder is a downer. Others love Autumn with crisp leaves on the ground, pumpkin lattes and big cosy jumpers.

Either way, it doesn’t take much to justify an Autumn spa day.

If you dread the end of Summer every year, then an indulgent Autumn spa day might be just the pick-me-up you’re looking for. And if you love the return of Autumn – well, what better way to celebrate than treating yourself to a relaxing spa session?

Lap Pool

Take care of yourself when you need it most

Back to work after the Summer holidays and and those early Christmas adverts are starting to appear but Autumn is the perfect time to take an indulgent spa break. 

An Autumn spa trip is the very definition of relaxation and self-care, and can be just what you need to smooth out the transition into the new season. Autumn is a great time for a little reflection and self-care, and where better to do that than in a steam room or a hydro pool?

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Treat your mind and body to some TLC

Your Autumn spa day is great for “self care” as well as a little pampering. But there are some serious benefits to your mental and physical health to be found while relaxing in a spa too.

Whether you’re enjoying a facial or aromatherapy treatment, a full body massage or a relaxing hour in the pool, an Autumn spa visit can bring down your stress levels and help you get better quality sleep. It can also boost your immune system, which never hurts heading into cold and flu season.

That’s because even a few minutes in a spa triggers your body’s relaxation response. That lowers your blood pressure, heart rate and hormones down to normal levels, and overall helps keep chronic stress at bay.

A massage treatment or a pool session can also help to relieve muscle pains and aches, as well as improving energy and alertness – perfect if you spend a lot of time in the office or working from home.

Girl on Lounger with Prosecco

Autumn doesn’t have to mean staying at home

If there’s one thing no one likes about Summer ending, it’s that the days of relaxing in the sun outdoors or on the beach are coming to a close – unless you want to pay a fortune to get away somewhere south of the equator.

But with a spa day, it doesn’t matter if the clouds are forming or the wind’s picking up outside. An Autumn spa trip gives you a great way to squeeze in one last holiday for the year before hunkering down in the knitted jumpers and thick socks.

And just because a spa is perfect for taking time to yourself, it doesn’t mean you have to do all that relaxing and unwinding alone. Need a present for a friend with an Autumn birthday or treat your partner to a romantic spa break? An Autumn spa trip is just the tonic every time.

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Your next  luxury Autumn spa day is closer than you think

If you’re looking for a relaxing Autumn spa trip, you won’t have to go far to find the perfect one. Our spa has all you need for a little opulent TLC, and right in the heart of the English Riviera.

Let your troubles melt away in the aromatherapy steam room or float content in one of our pools, all while enjoying a well-deserved glass of Prosecco. Take your pick from a range of Mediterranean-inspired sessions, including the ‘Go Guy’ facial, ‘New Beginnings’ pregnancy massage, or the VIP full-body treatment.

If you want to be really sure you’re treating yourself right, cap off your Autumn spa day with afternoon tea or a two course meal in our Brasserie. After all, relaxing can be exhausting work, so you’ll want to be sure you stay topped up.

And if you’re worried that’s starting to sound a little too indulgent, don’t worry. An Autumn spa day is what you deserve.

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