Top-to-Toe Experiences

Mediterranean Mini Break – Fully Loaded Skin-luxe Facial & Body Duo

90 mins - £170

This deluxe treatment will leave you feeling like you’ve taken a mini vacation. Your mind will escape as your body is polished and nourished with our iconic Mediterranean body scrub and your face is indulged with our unique Mediterranean marinade facial. Totally smoothed and soothed, head to toe.

Rose Quartz & Truffles Massage - Smooth & Firm Body Treatment

90 mins - £170

This indulgent treatment will leave you feeling totally relaxed from top-to-toe with our skin-transforming massage using our unique TRUFFLE BODY MASSAGE OIL. Skin is left feeling restored and radiant and guest oh-so relaxed.

Your Best You, Truffle Luxury - Menopause Relief Treatment

90 mins - £170

Experiance Temple Spa 'Truffle Luxury' with this 90 minute treatment that includes a lifting facial massage, hot oil scalp massage and application of our award-winning Truffle products as well as all the relaxtion from our Your Best You - Menopause Relief Treatment. 

This unique top-to-toe treatment is bespoke to you, supporting fully during the menopause, no matter the stage you’re at. Choose from warm or cool but it’s okay to change your mind at any time, just say. This gentle, caring massage uses a combination of expert therapist hands and Himalayan Salt stones with Temple Spa nurturing skincare.

How does it work? 
These healing stones produce negative ions to support 
stress relief, increase energy, and positively boost your mood. Rhythmic stretches, and gentle 
joint rotation rescue achy limbs and tension and a gentle lymph drainage facial reduces 
puffiness to leave skin fresh and feeling beautiful. Nutritious oils and Temple Spa's deeply hydrating & 
comforting body cream gives your body the hug it deserves.

You’ll step off the bed feeling fresh, calm & content knowing that you have done something good for you. 

Treatment Benefits

- Rebalances the body and soul
- Renewed / increased energy
- Relieves stress and improves mood
- Helps to improve quality of sleep
- Comforts and hydrates the skin on the face and body
- Releases tension and achy joints
- Reduces puffiness on the face
- Can help target hot flushes

My Kinda Mood – Prescriptive Facial & Body Experience

120 mins - £200

Not sure what you’d like? Then this is the ideal treatment for you. First, we’ll help you choose the aromatherapy oil to match your  mood. Then we’ll take care of you with a tailored, results-driven full body massage, followed by a bespoke facial. Step off the bed feeling all the better for it.

VIP Golden Truffle Experience - Smooth & Firm Face and Body Experience

120 mins - £210

The ultimate in total luxury. This treatment delivers all over radiance-boosting results starting with a leg energiser and an invigorating full body scrub followed by a relaxing massage using our unique advanced anti-ageing body techniques, both
tightening and toning. The Golden Truffle Experience also includes our Champagne & Truffles deluxe facial. Skin is left glowing, brighter and revived beyond expectation.

The Serious Detox – Purify & Balance Face and Body Experience

150 mins - £235

Serious about detoxing? This is for you. 

If you are serious about de-toxing, then this is the one for you. This is the perfect combination to cleanse and detoxify the face and body. We commence with full body exfoliation. The hips, thighs and stomach are treated to a detoxifying massage, using body boosting Mediterranean essential oils and targeted massage techniques, followed by a stimulating marine and mineral rich mud wrap. Whilst all wrapped up you’ll enjoy a detox facial to decongest and spring clean your skin. Your boot-camp treatment finishes with a friction rub and application of the Award-Winning Go Figure anti-cellulite gel to areas of concern whilst the rest of the body is hydrated and cocooned with a layer of Duvet comforting body cream. You will feel fully rejuvenated and motivated in your quest to get in shape!

New Beginnings Total Retreat - Pregnancy Face & Body Experience

150 mins - £235

This is our specially designed treatment for expectant mummies to enable your full body to be massaged and treated without having to lie on your tummy. We follow this with a delicious face treatment packed with wonderful natural ingredients. Finally, your legs will be revitalized with our leg energiser treatment that is perfect for swollen ankles & tired legs.


The Total Glow Up - Glow & Radiance Face and Body Experience

120 minutes - £200

This unique face and body experience leaves your skin, face and body positvely glowing from top-to-toe!  
To begin, you will be treated to a body brush, scrub and application of moisturiser, followed by a face & body contouring treatment which works on relieving tension and improving tone. Lastly, our advanced skin transforming facial turns up your glow with instant and visible results. A total face and body glow up!

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