For Him...

Most of our treatments are suitable for male guests, however, these high performance therapies are our top choices to energise and beat the stresses of everyday life.

Work It Out Massage – Detoxifying Muscle Workout

60 mins - £115

A detoxifying, deep tissue massage that relieves fluid retention and works out your tired, aching muscles. 

This uses the ingenious ‘Work It Out’ detox massage oil with essential botanicals, juniper, lavender, and cypress. It’s a body boosting treatment with muscle-fitness techniques and movements that really give your muscles a workout— dissolving knots, tensions, and tightness—helping the detox process. 

Rocks of The Mediterranean – Hot Stone Massage

75 mins - £130

This popular treatment is glorious, using warm basalt stones to massage your body from head-to-toe. 

The thermal stone technique works on energy points located throughout your body, rebalancing and harmonising. Your muscles are relaxed and rejuvenated, and the sensation is unique to this type of massage. It’s an experience you must treat yourself to at least once. Quite simply, heaven. 

Go Guy - The Male Executive Facial

60 mins - £110

This high-performance men’s facial is perfect to revive, refresh and invigorate. Your skin will be revitalised and energised with a deep brush cleanse, followed by a targeted face and shoulder massage. Skin is then treated to a deep exfoliation and an application of a bespoke face mask.  Finally enjoy a hot stone neck and shoulder massage to melt away the final traces of tension and stress. Skin is left smoother, softer and hydrated and you ready to face the world.

Gentlemen’s Club Hand & Nail Care

30 mins - £45

Designed for all nail types. Your hands and nails are soaked, cuticles pushed back, nails filed and buffed— and to finish, enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage.

Executive Footcare for Men

30 mins - £40

Using the Jessica ZenSpa range, your feet are soaked, rejuvenating foot scrub applied, hard skin exfoliated, cuticles pushed back, and nails filed—and to finish unwind with a relaxing foot massage.

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