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Need a Spring Clean? Brightening Facial

60 Mins - £135

High Performance Brightening Facial

Bring on this ultra-deep cleansing treatment, using micro and galvanic currents designed to flush out toxins. 

Special drainage techniques are also used to cleanse and detoxify—leaving your skin brighter, smoother, and refreshed. This is recommended as a one-off treatment or as part of a course.

Need a Prescription? Prescriptive Facial

60 Mins - £135

High Performance Prescriptive Facial

A prescriptive treatment designed to work in all the right places, lifting and firming. 

The SICC machine’s safe and effective nano-current smooths your wrinkles, brightens your skin tone and boosts your collagen levels. 

We recommend this as part of a course of 6–10 treatments.  

Need a Miracle? Miracle Facial

90 Mins - £170

High Performance Miracle Facial

This big reveal peel and super-boosting mask is designed to retexture and brighten your skin with immediate results. Lines and wrinkles will be smoothed, facial contours sculpted, and muscles re-educated—giving you a visibly youthful look. 

Recommended prior to a special occasion or as a maintenance treatment.  

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