Why you should indulge in an Autumn spa

22/09/2022 Written by: James Matthews

If you dread the end of Summer every year, then taking it easy with an Autumn spa day might be just the kind of pick-me-up you’re looking for. And even if you love the return of Autumn – well, what better way to celebrate than treating yourself to a relaxing spa session?

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6 Luxury Experiences in Devon You'll Never Forget

23/08/2022 Written by: Oliver Pyper

If you're looking for luxury experiences in Devon, you won't have to look far.

Our corner of the UK really does have something for everyone. So, while you can trudge around Dartmoor wearing sturdy boots and a waterproof jacket, you don't have to.

No. This guide is for the luxury lovers. The splendour seekers. The "yes, I'll have another glass of bubbly" brigade.

If that sounds like you, then buckle up and nestle down. We've picked out six luxury experiences in Devon that will make a forever home in your memory bank.

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Your Days out in Devon Guide


Famous for sunshine, palm trees and beach, Torquay is the ideal spot for days out in Devon, with plenty to do for all budgets. Not to mention local band, Metronomy, added an element of cool to the area after naming one of their successful albums, The English Riveria. Now it really is the place to be and a perfect base to explore all South Devon has to offer.

Whether you’re on holiday here or looking for great things to do, our handy "Days out in Devon" guide will have you covered from town highlights to countryside and beach delights.

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Best Spa Treatments for Men - why dads love spa treats too

15/06/2022 Written by: Belinda Dixon

Like everyone, men are facing the increasing stresses and strains of daily life - work, money and relationship worries. Always rushing from A to B. Never quite having enough time. But while it’s completely accepted that a woman might want to go to a spa to have knots worked out of muscles, in the past some felt it wasn't for blokes. We’re here to change that…

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Spa Break in pool

What is a hydro pool?

19/04/2022 Written by: Alice Beresford

If you’re at the cutting edge of spa technology, a hydro pool is a must for any award-winning spa. Hydro pools proven benefits have encouraged the growing use of hydrotherapy, and now they’re a sought-after spa essential for spa goers. But for those unfamiliar with the latest spa trends, you may be wondering what is a hydro pool? Read on to find out more...


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Cocktail Bars in Torquay

09/03/2022 Written by: Alice Beresford

Torquay is well known as the go-to place in Devon for a night out, but did you know there are also a whole host of cocktail bars to suit all occasions?

With a range of independent hotels, tourist attractions, beaches and must-see sights in the area, there are plenty of things to do in Torquay so it’s no wonder there are an array of cocktail bars serving up signature and classic cocktails.

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Why booking a soothing summer staycation makes superb sense

01/03/2022 Written by: Belinda Dixon

Chill-out, relax, recharge. Summer staycations are our chance to ditch the To Do list and watch stress fade away. But long journeys, crowded departure lounges and international uncertainty don’t usher in a Summer mood. So read on to discover an indulgent, stress-free summer staycation.

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Lincombe Hall’s top spa-style tricks to try at home

30/01/2022 Written by: Belinda Dixon

The first few months of a new year can feel a bit flat. The glitz of Christmas has gone. Money is short. Resolutions ditch the fun stuff. So its particularly welcome news that you can still luxuriate in inexpensive indulgence that’s actually good for you too. Time then for our list of best spa-style tricks and pamperings you can try at home.

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Best Spa Treatments to Beat the Winter Blues

26/12/2021 Written by: Bethany Preston

Do pitch black mornings and freezing cold weather leave you deflated? You aren’t alone. The winter blues are real and they affect over two million Brits every year. Christmas wraps the cold dark days of winter into a festive package full of delicious food, shiny baubles and cosy evenings beside the fire. But once the mince pies are eaten, the tree comes down, and the Christmas comedown sets in, things get bleaker. At Lincombe Hall, you can brighten the dark days of January with a warming spa break. Nestled in the vibrant coastal town of Torquay lies our luxury £2M spa, waiting to lift your spirits and indulge your senses.

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autumn leaves

Things to do in Autumn in South Devon

29/10/2021 Written by: Belinda Dixon

Autumn – the season to cuddle up with a loved one and indulge. As summer’s heat disperses, so do the crowds. So what better time for a romantic break in glorious Devon? Here you can stroll arm in arm along deserted beaches, take a moonlit stroll on the wild moor, see stunning foliage displays, plunge into a gaspingly cold river, then bliss out in our luxury spa. If it sounds like your kind of break, read on 

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