Step Inside Lincombe Hall’s Stylish New Interior

21/06/2021 Written by: Skye Onley

A photo diary of Torquay's award-winning designer spa hotel 

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signature treatment

Our Award-winning Spa Hotel Signature Treatment

25/05/2021 Written by: Skye Onley

You can expect luxury of the highest order inside Lincombe Spa. Our luxury £2M spa is a first for Torquay. We've brought the indulgence and style of a slick city spa to the South Devon coast, a stone's throw from the up-and-coming marina.

Our spa vision is all about sensory indulgence. This isn’t a detox retreat. It’s a luxury destination spa where you will be pampered and feel on top of the world.

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A Return to Wellness Post Lockdown

26/11/2020 Written by: Tom Hall

Most, if asked, would say the coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted them. For some, it’s been life changing. 

Out of the blue a new respiratory virus emerged in the east and spread across the globe—like something from a disaster film. Consequently, we’ve seen months of dystopian lockdowns and a state of fear unheard of in peace time. Though we are strong and have adapted to a “new normal”. However, this is not without a struggle. Coronavirus is leaving its mark on our physical and mental health. 

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Autumn Spa: Fall In Love With Thermal Treatments

22/10/2020 Written by: Skye Onley

Crisp air, whirling leaves and the cold crunch of the first frosts. Like Halloween and Bonfire Night, late autumn has a bewitching magic. A season for smoke and mirrors: earthy spices, ghost stories, mulled cider. Dark skies that start and splatter, filled with the crackle and flare of neon thunderstorms.

Between the festivities and pumpkin spice lattes,  the cold creeps in. It’s scenic, sure. But it often brings with it dry skin, chapped lips, and all sorts of sniffly bugs.

This year more than ever we want to sail through the season feeling happy and well. That is where the warm, cosy and immune-strengthening benefits of the spa come in.

Here are some thermal spa experiences that were made for autumn chills.

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South Devon walks

5 Romantic Autumn Coastal Walks in South Devon

30/09/2020 Written by: Skye Onley

Autumn is beautiful in Devon. The soaring views have a new clarity, the air a crisp edge. The sea breezes blow away the cobwebs, the sun settles upon the hedgerows and fields, and the forested cliffs smoulder in rust and golden brown.

It’s a quiet and gentle time of year, perfect for enjoying some away time as a couple. Layer up and explore romantic walking routes around the Devon coast and countryside.


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Lincombe blog Elberry cove

Top 5 Outdoor Activities To Try At Lincombe Hall


Nowhere captures the many moods of the great outdoors like South Devon. Dartmoor's wild drama, its huge plains, glens and remote hills, feels far removed from the patchwork of fields around it. The countryside is calm and affirming. Meanwhile, the coast is vibrant, rugged and fresh.

All this is on your doorstep at Lincombe Hall. Read on for our top 5 outdoor activities for your staycation.

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Blue Mind - Health Benefits of the Sea

16/03/2020 Written by: Tom Hall

Blue mind is a term used to describe the psychological impact of being near or in the sea. It’s the opposite of what is being described as “red mind”, or an anxious, hyper connected, stressed-out, over stimulated mental state. Simply, blue mind is a calm, meditative state and the antidote to our hectic modern lives, defined by red mind.

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Top 10 South Devon Mother’s Day Ideas


A Mum loves her little ones come rain or shine. She’s there for all the trials and tribulations of growing up. Tantrums, sleepless nights, chicken pox. And also for the sunny days and special shared moments. 

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8 Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

03/02/2020 Written by: Tom Hall

We’re experiencing an unhealthy epidemic. But we’re also waking up to this fact. Healthy living information is more readily available than ever before, and people are starting to reject outdated, self-destructive ways of being. 

You can get healthy too and feel happier than ever. It’s not easy, but more than worth it for a new lease of life. Here are some top tips to kickstart your healthy lifestyle.

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Pool 4

Hydrotherapy’s Health Benefits Will Make You Feel Fantastic

03/01/2020 Written by: Tom Hall

Water is the blood of life. It is the substrate from which we evolved and in which the biochemical processes vital to our existence fizzle away. Nothing could be more precious. 

Spas are not spas without water. In fact, the definition of a spa is “a location where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes seawater) is used to give medicinal baths.” In all cultures water is regarded as a purifier of the body and mind. It cleanses skin and soul. It rinses away old ways of being and presents the world anew. 

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